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Garage Doors Spring Replacement


Garage doors spring replacement is a common exercise after using the door for a period of time. Replacement is required when the door malfunctions due to loss of spring tension or breaks. This is a risky endeavor especially for those without adequate experience on spring doors related issues. Therefore, it is important to engage professionals from the garage spring doors company who have the required technical knowhow on replacement process. This is because the garage doors use different types of springs whose replacement process is different from others. A technical person ensures that the spring is securely replaced and the door functions properly. However, here are viable tips to successfully change the springs.

Remove the old springs

In order to start the replacement process, the door should be closed to disconnect the opener. The power to the opener should be unplugged or the electrical circuit breaker specifically for the garage should be disconnected for safety. This allows you to disconnect the opener safely. Then, release the tension of the garage door torsion spring to be removed. This helps you to unscrew the setscrews from the cable hence removing the springs by sliding them off the door. This has to be done with caution as it can cause injuries during garage door torsion spring replacement.

Installation of the new springs

The installation of the new springs to the garage door needs the expertise of a technician for it to be successful. This help is required for the business premises where the garage doors are complex. In such circumstances, professional commercial garage door service comes in handy. However, you need to ensure that the new and old springs are of the same size. The unmovable end of the garage door torsion spring should be fixed at the center and the bolts fastened.

Wind up the spring

To complete the procedure, wind up the springs to create enough tension for proper functioning. The winding bar should be used whereby seven turns creates the desired tension. Before completing the whole process, ensure that all the garage door parts are in place and functioning adequately. To replace the garage door springs effectively one need to seek advice from the door springs company.