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How to repair broken garage door spring

The repair of garage door springs is a vital procedure that arises at times due to malfunctioning. This repair can be dangerous as the springs fixed on the door have a lot of pressure that can cause harm. Before deciding to undertake the repair alone, it is advisable to check if the door has the safety cable usually fixed in the middle. In case the cable is missing, it is advisable not to go ahead with the repair as it is risky. However, it is always good to seek the help of the technical personnel from garage door repair Company to carry out the procedure successfully and safely for you. The Tampa FL provides skilled team that is specialized in door spring repair. The following steps can help in fixing the door.

Keep the door raised

When repairing the garage spring door, it is important to ensure that the door is raised. This helps in reducing the tension in the springs hence less pressure. In order to keep the door from falling off, a clamp should be securely placed under the roller right on the side where the broken spring on garage door is. Make sure that the door is stable before proceeding with the procedure.

Safely remove the spring

In order to remove the garage door broken spring it is advisable to ensure that you know its location. If not, contact the Tampa garage door company to assist you. However, you can pull out the broken spring attached to the pulley on one side while the hooks of the garage door hold it on the other side. Remember to remove the safety cable together with the spring.

Torsion spring garage door repair

At this point it is good to seek the opinion of the garage door company to know whether the spring is repairable or not. In this case, carry the tension spring to the company or contact them to send a technician to your residential or commercial premises. The best is to have the technician on the site in order to establish the cause of the garage door broken spring. This helps in taking the precaution to reduce the chances of garage door spring broken incidences in future. In case you need to consult the company it is advisable to carry the broken spring and the safety cable. This is vital in case of replacement as the sizes of the tension spring need to be determined. To have a well functioning torsion spring garage door, get a technician to fix back the spring.