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New Garage Door Installation in Tampa FL

New garage door installation is an exercise that is performed better by the experts from the manufacturing company. However, with basic information and instructions one can carry out the process alone. It is important to note that the procedure has potential risks as it can cause injuries due to pressure caused by the tension in the springs of the door. If you choose to do it all by yourself here is a viable guide to help you through the process.

Prepare the panels and door

To get started in new garage door installation, the panels should be prepared. This is done by putting a seal using the weather stripping under the panel. The ready panels should be put at the entrance of the garage. Then the nails should be partially fixed in order to hold the door in the right position. The hinges should also be fixed on the top of the door. In case of the overhead garage door, you need to ensure that the size is correct for easy installation and functioning.

Fix the tracks and rollers

When fixing the tracks and garage door rollers, it is vital to involve a specialist. However, if it is not possible for the expert to be there, the instructions they give on fixing the tracks and rollers need to be followed for a successful process. When all the tracks are present in their horizontal, vertical and curved pieces, the panel rollers should be fixed on each side so that the tracks can be placed on the rollers. The screws should be used to tighten the tracks in place. Remember that the horizontal and curved garage door tracks should be fixed together to provide the required stability of the custom garage doors.

Track hanger commercial door installation

To complete the process of the garage door installation, the tracks hanger should be installed. The hanger should be of the right length in order to give support to the horizontal track. The hanger is fixed on the wall next to the horizontal track using the screw. The door should be tested to ensure that it functions adequately. It is important to note that insulated garage doors can be considered when carrying out doors installation in commercial places for they keep the cold air and heat off the garage depending on the season.

Minor residential door installation

The roller replacement and broken garage door repair are among the minor installation processes carried out in residential places. This is common for the roll up commercial garage doors that requires regular replacement of rollers and repairs. The personnel in garage doors team in Tampa FL are specialists in carrying out the repairs for the broken doors as well as installation of sensor for adequate functioning of the garage doors.